Song for the festivity: “Kill Your Dog” set for xmas celebration

Liberians are gradually wonder about the artiste , Liberian duo PCK and L’Franklin have battled the odds to climb the ladder as one of the best rap groups in Liberia, evidenced by the fact that three of their singles this year became instant hits.Memory of their beat goes back to 2010 .untitled-10_152

Three of their songs “Freestyle,” “I’m coming” and the current one “I’m Here” have rocked the industry like a wildfire, which is still making noise in town.

In fact, “I’m Here” has become the official party song of the season (Christmas). But the “Kill Your Dog” phrase has stirred debate, with some complaining that that particular part of the song is abusive to woman.

On the other hand, those who love the song say that the phrase means someone who loves their girl and that the previous interpretation is wrong.

Due to the intense debate, LIB Life caught up with PCK and L’Franklin to explain the idea behind the song and the message they were sending out.

LIB Life: What is the meaning of the phrase “Kill Your Dog” and why did you guys decided to use it?

PCK and L’Franklin: The meaning of the phrase is simple. “Kill Your Dog” is a poetic phrase that means a guy who cares, loves and treats a lady right. We decided to use that phrase because it is catchy and rhymes.

LIB Life: When you guys were in the studio cooking this song, what kind of message did you want to send?

PCK and L’Franklin: Sincerely speaking, the message in the song is that guys should stop hiding themselves whenever they are in relationship. All we want to say is that guys should let their girl’s parents know them and stop hiding. In a nutshell, the song called on men to stand up and take responsibility, and stop hiding.

LIB Life: Do you guys agree with people who think that the song abuses women, most especially the “Kill Your Dog” phrase?

PCK and L’Franklin: No! No part of the song abuses or is abusive to women, or was intended for that purpose. We feel so hurt for people to think that way but it is their right. For the record, the song is in no way abusive as people think, but is rather a song that urges men to move from behind the scene and come forward.

LIB Life: In another related development, why is it that most of your songs are not copyrighted?

PCK and L’Franklin: We are almost done with the process of working to have all our songs copyrighted; and right now, I can say we are 90 percent done.

LIB Life: Thanks for coming guys, any last words?

PCK and L’Franklin: Thanks for the invitation and hope our message got across.

I’m Here Lyrics (done in Colloquia):
Teh ur ma say I here/Go teh ur pa say I here/
Bor ehn/ehn dey wan know ur boy/dey wan know ur boy/dey wan know ur boy/d boy da can kill ur dorg/teh ur ma say I here/

I wan see ur oldma/I wan void ur papay before I rapay/see/I in hurry/I need to pay ur dowry/tell ur enemies I tel dem sorry/today I here to make dem porray/but ur oldma wan killy/ur papay wan killy/ur sister wan killy/go call dem/ah na moving from here/Teh ur ma say I here/go teh ur pa say I here/

I tayah hiding myself/I can’t come to ur house in d day/I gotta wait in the night/under the tree/behind the crib/da ley place me I cackin eh/the oldma na go to bed/but ley papay still in d chair/
Wait na/wait na/baby u scarelor beating/wait na/wait na/baby dey know say u eating/answer my question/wait na/wait na/baby u scarelor beating/wait na/wait na/my girl dey know say u eating/Go tel dem say I right here/i na come one n for all/So tel the people dey mor go look for switch/d boy da can rock ur world/call allor dem to com look in my face/tel ley oldma I say/leh she tel d papay/dis boy here na come again/

La Frankie Frankie/d boy can’t japay/Teh ur ma say I here/go teh ur pa say I here/baby u know say/dey call me d professional/my jue u know say I ley one d professional/professional/professional/I coming der one n for all/make it ur people na looking at me/d boy da can kill ur dorg/anytime u see/dey looking at me/tel d oldma I say leh she tel d papay/dis boy here na come again/

La Frankie Frankie/d boy can’t japay/Teh ur ma say I here/Go teh ur pa say I here/teh ur ma say I here/go tel ur pa say I here/Bor ehn/ehn dey wan know ur boy/dey wan know ur boy/dey wan know ur boy/the boy da can kill ur dorg/Teh ur ma say I here

Story by Robin Dopoe Jr./Daily Observer /Edited to suit this Platfotm

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