Liberia Premier League rejects $ 3,000 US offer

  Liberia’s  Premier League  Board has rejected an offer fromm one Liberia’s telecom giant in the tune of  $ 3,000 US .

According to new gathered from the corridors of the football house ,the  Cellcom GSM-Liberia Football Association (LFA) football league, have resolved to reject the Cellcom’s club sponsorship deal in the tone of US$3,000 for a lip-smacking sponsorship long term contract with another company, an investigation has revealed. Presidents and authorized officials of  premier clubs at the end of series of meetings,  unanimously agreed to not accept the  US$3,000 offered from the telecommunications giant as part of the LFA’s Direct Cash Endorsement to participate in the premier league of the 2011/2012 National League. Investigation conducted by Liberiaentertainment-sports has it that  the 16 premier football clubs have authorized the Premier League Board to seek an attractive sponsorship from Buchanan Renewable , Lonestar Cell MTN, Chevron, APM Terminals, BHP Biliton, ArcelorMittal and other concessions agreements currently investing in Liberia . The Premier League Board has also been mandated to write Cellcom GSM, rejecting the US$3,000 offered, but rather to have them increase the premier club sponsorship, to at least US$10,000. The Premier clubs are opting for the increase to improve the players and technicians’ welfare as well as medicals, amongst others. When spoke to some presidents of the premier clubs, they confirmed their rejection of the US$3,000. Despite many clubs’ presidents plans to hang their jerseys and boots failure to obtain sponsorship.References were made  to the cut-off Sierra Leonean Premier League because of the lack of sponsorship from the Sierra Leonean football Association, and others who promised to sponsor the SLFA premier league. The league had resumed owing to the intervention of the national government.   Chairman of the Premier League Board, Mr. G. Andy Quamie, is yet to confirm this information , all efforts is been made to get his side of the story as well as  confirm or deny the report.It can be recalled last month, for the first time in its history, the Liberia Football Association (LFA) has concluded a deal   with its sponsor, Cellcom GSM, for a direct cash endorsement to the 56 clubs participating in the four categories of the 2011/2012 national league. Accordingly, a total of US$106,500 will be distributed among premier, first and second divisions and women clubs. Each of the 16 premier clubs will pocket US$3,000; while each of the 15 first division teams will receive US$2,000. The 13 second division teams will share US$1,500; while the 12 female clubs will each get US$750.Meanwhile, the LFA has signed a sponsorship agreement of the national football league with Cellcom GSM that could go a long way in enhancing the development of Liberian football if properly implemented.

The US$ 500,000 package which covers all the leagues under the supervision of the Liberia Football Association runs for three years until October 2013. The LFA has entered into another three-year sponsorship over the nation’s pride and joy, the Lone Star, in the tone of about US$4.5 millions. The local football house Boss, Mussa Bility, said the sponsorship deals, which he described as the largest ever in the LFA history, will improve the game.

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